This is a page with the links to the best Digital Art Resources. Such as CG communities, forums, tutorials and inspirational websites. 


 Forums and Info:



 a very well known and most respected global organization for digital artists. It covers most of your needs for Digital Art resources


Welcome to the sculpting world!    Incredibly cool community with tons of information,   tutorials, forums, galleries and challenges. And all is dedicated to Zbrush and Scultris


great community with tutorials,      forums, digital marketplace and so much more


one the greatest Digital Art Resources as well. Tutorials, inspirations, behind the   scenes, forums, galleries and downloads


exactly what it sounds like. This is a great website with tons of information about about animation including the history of it. Definitely worth checking it out.


“..The animation and animation-related musings of Kevin Koch”






One of the best Digital Art Resources to learn things on your own. Design, animation, photography, business,   video, web, developer, CAD, audio & music tutorials.


great anatomy reference resource


figure and gesture drawing


 Great Artists & Inspiration:









        Hello, Maya, a comprehensive 3D animation software. Modeling, Texturing, Shader Creation, Rigging, Special Effects Creation, Animating and Rendering.  All that and more by using this really powerful program with a zillion options within it. The first time you open it, your eyebrows go up. Way up. But once you start exploring Maya, you realize the potential it has. And then you get  addicted. 



  Zbrush. Sculpt away. Really. Dreams and visions come through.  Zbrush is the most advanced digital sculpting and painting program with amazing amount of features and customized tools and workflow. In combination with Maya sky is your limit.



   Nuke. A node based compositing software that makes impossible to be possible. Confusing first, but once you make yourself comfortable with node system, things get much better.



   Photoshop PS6. The name speaks for itself. It is widely used in Photography, Texture creations for Shading, Matte Painting, Compositing and so much more. You can take a sunrise in the summer landscape and seamlessly transform it into the dark winter night. The more you learn PS, the more powerful tool you have in your hands.



  Wacom Tablet. Have you ever tried painting with a brick? Well, that is how you will feel painting with a mouse in Photoshop or sculpting in Zbrush after you tried doing it with the tablet. 


MACBOOK PRO                  

   Mac Book Pro. Same as with iPhone. Once you try it, it is really hard to go back to any other phone. Mac is perfect for all the digital art needs. No more words needed. Couldn’t be happier with it. 


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