We were introduced to the fundamentals of the facial animation in our Character Animation Classes. I have put together some links to facial animation tutorials we used. I find them really informative, useful and memorable.


 1. Fundamentals of Character Animation: Facial Animation and Dialogue with George Maestri

 This is one of the best courses about facial animation out there. It’s a whole set of video tutorials about facial animation from George Maestri on Lynda.com

  Lynda membership is only 25$/month for the basic membership; and it is MORE than worth getting. Lynda is an amazing and very trusted resource. The artist talks about understanding the role asymmetry plays in facial expression, conveying basic and mixed emotions, planning shots, blocking out timing, reading dialogue, animating lip sync and adding blinks and eye movement.

  And the link

   Facial Animation 2


2. Chapter 7, Facial Animation and Dialogue

  It is a set of video tutorials from the same artist, George Maestri, focused on the lip sync with very detailed descriptions how exactly to animate phonemes, vowels and consonants. Go straight to Chapter 7.

 The link 

Facial Animation


3. Animation Polishing Tips by Pixar Animator Michal Makarewicz



4.  There is a great book I have mentioned in the previous post about facial animation called  “Stop Staring, Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right by Jason Osipa“.




5. Facial Animation tips from Mark Pullyblank


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