I have put together several videos about 3D Animation: Behind the Scenes.

  I am referring to several different “Behind the scenes” about the movies we all know. I think these videos are very informative and interesting.

  It is easier to understand how exactly 3D Animation movies are being created when you get a chance to peek at what is happening behind the closed doors of production. 

1. A mini film lecture about several major scenes in Frozen, and walk through them.  You can see the progress from the first rough gesture drawings to the final shot.



2. Short movie about creating the music in Despicable Me 2.



3. This video will give you a much better idea of the enormous amount of work which the production crew has to conquer to create an animated film.

 It is Despicable Me 2 example.



4. This film will take you through the whole creative process of making How to Train Your Dragon. After watching it, I gained a new respect for the artists, who worked on this amazing movie.



5. Another mini movies on the inside of the creative process How to Train Your Dragon.



6. This video will introduce you to Apollo, the absolutely amazing technology, which took 3D animation process to the next level.



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