If you wait for inspiration to come to you, you will never get anything done.

  CG field is a very creative field. It can also be very overwhelming and competitive. There are always new artists, new great works, new software and so much to keep up with in general. And each of us also has everyday life, relationships and families.

  So how to stay motivated through the ups and downs and get your work done right?

  I am still a student, learning Computer Animation. I am not working in the industry yet. And I can only imagine how much more complicated and exciting at the same time the real world will be. I am trying to develop good habits while being at school, so it is easier later on.

  I think that growing as an artist is an every day process. It is a challenge, and it is a great challenge I have to say.

  I will tell you about my ways how to stay motivated and get through the hard times when you energy is below zero. Here is 10 motivation tips for learning animation.

1. I have to repeat it again. If you wait for inspiration, you will never get anything done.

I have learnt it a while ago. Same with running, for example. The first mile is the worst. But once you find your pace, the energy just comes out of nowhere.

  Once you start working on the project, the inspiration and energy shows up too. All you have to do is to start.

  I am sure, some of you have heard about this guy, Mateusz M, who creates motivational videos. I love these videos and they do help me to see my own life in the different light when it gets tough.

  Here is the latest one, called “Unbroken”.

  I feel that it is directly related to each of us.

  I love these words, “If it was all so easy, everybody would do it”.

2.  Enough sleep.

  I can’t stress it enough. You body and brain need sleep to recharge. You know better what is enough for you. Yes, everyone has jobs/ families/kids. But, for example, think of how much time you are wasting on things like social networks. Just an example..

You can also read more about sleep here

3. Quality food. Healthy food. Clean food.

  You don’t expect your car to run great on questionable fuel or an empty tank, right?

  I have experimented with this for years. It’s a different topic.. And I always felt much better, more productive and more energized when I eat right.

  And I don’t mean dieting. Diets suck. The best way I can put it. Enjoy the life, enjoy the food. Just stay on the healthy side. And be active.  Here is an interesting article about healthy food for the brain

4. Water.

  You need at least 2 liters of water. At least. There is an old military trick to find out if you drink enough water. If your pee is clear, you body gets enough water.  Water is essential for the brain. Actually, about ¾ of you brain is water.

  Drink pure water. Not tea, not coffee, not energy drinks or questionably colored sodas. Sure, it’s all good sometimes too. But it doesn’t count as water. And here is more info


5. Physical Activity.

  Whichever activity makes you happy. The keyword is “happy”. Golf, running, baseball, jogging, swimming, sweating at the gym, rollerblading, tennis, boxing, you name it. Whatever. No matter where you live and what is your financial situation, there is always an activity you know you enjoy.

  You know that feeling after the workout, the feeling, that you are strong, happy and capable of anything. Use this euphoria after work to get started on important projects.


6. Stay Updated

  CG World is a relatively small industry. But it is also a very high pace industry, changing fast and updating every day. You have to keep up with it and be part of the change. There are always new young artists, new ideas, new software and new tools.

  One of the ways to stay updated is to utilize the social networks. I look at the social networks as a tool.

  Find the CG related groups you are interested in. There are plenty of them on facebook, twitter and linkedin. Sign up or follow. And instead of scrolling newsfeed for hours looking at pictures of people you barely know and updates you barely care about, read the updates in the these groups. You will learn about new works, demo reels, VXF breakdowns, or whatever you are interested in. I find it much more useful.

7.  Ask questions.

  There are no stupid questions. Everyone, even the most advanced and talented artists started from zero at some point.

  Also I learnt that people in CG world are very friendly. You can always find answers to you questions on the forums, for example. People will help you especially if they see that you really want to learn. And when you learn, you feel as a part of this exciting CG world, and it helps you to stay motivated as well.

  You also have to be open to critique. If you don’t agree with something, it’s fine, but do listen first. Especially in animation. For example, people have a different perspective looking at the exact same animation short you are working on.

8. Compare yourself only to the person you were yesterday.

  There is always a temptation to compare yourself with others. Of course, there is always someone better.

  Compare yourself with what you were yesterday. It makes a big difference. You don’t know the others’ background and how they got to this point. What matters is your own progress. 

9. List of things you are thankful for.

  A very good (and wise) friend of mine told me this trick a while ago. And I have been doing it ever since. Every day at the end of the day, write down 3 things you are thankful for today.

  Anything, that made you smile or made you happy. Any little thing counts.

  Seems unrelated to animation? Well, it helps a lot with positive thinking. And positive thinking to me means energy to do more.

10. Investments into your future as a artist.

  For example, start with your portfolio. Check out Behance, an amazing web space with online portfolios. The same friend introduced me to it and pushed me to start working on my own portfolio.

  It doesn’t matter what you level as a artist is, there is room for everybody.

  And it helps your motivation a lot when you see your own progress.



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