This website is made for passionate ones. The ones, who are crazy about Art, Digital Art and 3D Animation in particular. The ones, who just started being curious about 3D Animation process. And the ones, who are learning it already. The ones, who like to create art using the computers. The ones who is not sure of how to choose the degree in the 3D World.  The ones who like cartoons and video games.

  On this website you will find my Blog about my experiences of being an Art School student. Who is pursuing Computer Animation degree and learning all of the steps in the actual 3D Animation production pipeline of creating an 3D Animated movie.

   I will share these experiences with you. And I hope it will help some of you to chose an Art School and to get a much better idea of what this degree is about. There is so much confusing information about 3D Animation industry out there! So, I hope to clarify at least some of it for you. I want to share my own journey with all its ups, downs  and mistakes without a sugar coating.

    I want to expand   the term “Computer Animation” further for you. Computer Animation has many cool disciplines within itself. Such as modeling, character creation, lighting and shading, texturing, rigging, animating, composting and more.

   You will also find a separate Resource page with links to best CG forums, tutorials and tools. All of them being dedicated to 3D Animation and CG Art. I will keep updating  it for you on weekly basis as well. Welcome to the Computer Animation World! 


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